Auto-fill not working

I am not seeing the “advanced settings” when I click “settings”. “Advanced settings” is supposedly where you can edit and update auto-fill preferences. I am new to Brave and stoked about it but not for very long, not if I can’t get Brave to auto-fill address and credit card forms.

**Expected result: I am expecting to be able to edit auto-fill settings.

**Brave Version: 1.34.1

Mobile Device details — I’m on an iPad Pro 12.9in — latest model — and an iPhone 13 mini

have you tried updating the browser to the latest version? (version 1.36)

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Ha — thanks for reminding me! I’ve just updated it and, still not seeing any advanced settings.

sometimes it depends on the website. i have experienced the same when autofill fills details in the wrong box and things like that. But in your case it might be the same problem or some technical issue. I thought I should share my view.

Yeah, it’s site dependent. In next build 1.37 we are making few improvements to this, but still not every site is going to work


But i don’t even see an option to auto-fill at all in my settings. Is there just no advanced settings in iOS? That seems like a big missed opportunity. Is that something that will be prioritized anytime soon?

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the autofill should happen automatically,
in the settings there’s a list of saved login and passwords, I think you can go to such entry and it will show an option to go to this website and try to autofill the credentials

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