Brave is causing AMD Eyefinity to activate

This started happening last week after the last update on 3/13/24. I opened the Brave browser and my two monitors stretched and acted as one. Windows only saw one monitor, but the AMD Adrenalin software still saw two monitors. It took me 15 minutes or so to figure out that the Eyefinity was the issue. I disabled Eyefinity and started browsing again, if I open a link, a new tab, video … windows will revert to seeing only one monitor and Eyefinity is back on. I thought it was a issue with AMD ( it still may be ) But I found if I use a different browser that I no longer have the issue. It only happens with Brave. I have reached out to AMD but have not received a response at this time. If anyone has any thoughts I would welcome them.
Thank You!

@Kowboy most likely you’ll need to go through AMD settings. AMD and others can do some weird things, including seeing Brave as a game rather than a web browser. To copy/paste what someone else mentioned a while back:

you can add non-gaming applications to the drivers game page and set the toggle there - it works just fine (just tested with DVD Decrypter). Three vertical dots in the top right corner for the Games page, ‘Add a game…’, find the application executable.

Likely done through your Radeon Control Panel or something similar.