Unable to earn BAT

I earned some rewards for April, but I have noticed that even though Brave is my default browser, my earnings are not increasing… I tried to close and reopen the browser, and it started moving again. But, I again noticed that it is at the same level after hours of use. I tried closing and reopening the browser, but it doesn’t seem to be working any more. I am using a MAC, running 12.0.1. Brave version 1.38.111

Can you please help?

Brave Team

Can anyone help with this?

Same with almost all of us!

The brave app on my phone has refused to receive any ads since December the 7th of 2021. This has honestly got an extremely tiresome.

By this point Brave must owe me at least $20 worth of BAT.

Does anyone from the Brave team actually reviews these messages? No reply in 9 days…

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