Brave inbulit ads changed to intrustive look

The brave inbuilt ads in the linux version has recently changed to a much more intrustive look. Until yesterday it looked like this:

Now it looks like this:

Because of this change, I have now changed the ads settings to “0 ads per hour”. I will not revert the settings unless you restore the old unintrustive dark look.

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Duplicate of this thread: Brave ads pop-up position?

Think brave needs to use grammarly, “cafs” lol. So I am a linux user myself and this happened to me as well. But downloading a different version of brave fixed the issue. Like using something from the native repo of Manjaro and then downloading a bin file from AUR fixed this. IDK if it is the same for you if you update with a different brave browser package. Note for me this had not affected any ads or my device limits. But proceed with caution if you do update to a different version because who knows if it might count as a new device and new profile etc.

Ignore the placement of where the ad is, in the middle of the screen, this happens when my desktop disappears and i have to refresh it using a command prompt. Normally it is in the lower right corner.

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