Stopped getting ads

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use Brave Browser 8-15 hrs/day
  2. Set “5 Ads / hr”
  3. See no Notifications from Brave for the last few days (maybe 3-4?)

Expected result:
See 5 ads/hr. As I did up to a few days ago.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.16.76
Chromium: 86.0.4240.198 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Ubuntu 20.10


Hi @p10111
Have you seen our ads FAQ?

At this point I want to earn maximum rewards. To be honest - I prefer Firefox. The main reason I use Brave is to earn. I like the concept that my eyeball time and my profile data are mine and I should share in the money they generate. But if my share is 23 cents / mo then I’m not really getting much of a share of that multi trillion dollar industry and I prefer the browser that’s not based on Chromium.

Further, I don’t actually see any obvious difference between Brave and Firefox ad blocking - with one exception. I am asked to captcha much more often on Brave eliminating any time advantage you claim for blocked ads. (No - the extension doesn’t fix that).

So when I see one day I get several ads an hour (with lots of repetition - so I’m not sure what the targeting and relevance are about) and then I see literally zero ads for about a week now I gotta think it’s either a big or from your info, a policy that reduces the unique value of Brave to near zero.

So sure - I appreciate that before getting into issue resolution we clarify the policy. How am I to recognise which it might be? :slight_smile:


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This number of ads you see per hour always fall between 0 and X , inclusive.
So it could be zero and it could be 5 (if you have it set)
and there are other known factors that will affect ads:

  • there are no more campaigns running in your region
  • you’ve hit your ads cap for the day
  • you’ve received a maximum number of ads from each campaign in your region
  • your ads catalog hasn’t updated (this happens automatically)

So not seeing ads is not necessarily a problem.

We’re currently working on implementing some diagnostics that users can see that will tell them why ads may not be appearing for them (feature is still work in progress, hope to have this done soon).
Until then we appreciate your patience.

OK. We’ll see how long it’s worth it.

Funny - after days of zeo ads they started again about 15 min after I sent the last post.

Thanks. I’ll stop bugging you now :slight_smile:

Anytime there’s a slowdown, it’s best to start reading some articles that interest you. Other than that, I’m glad to see I’m actually getting ads now while on this site and twitter. If you aren’t into crypto, the ad possibilities are not as much. I bought an email plan somewhere and I finally got ads for Linkedin and Fiverr. Basically, I knew the kinds of ads that I was missing so I visited more of those kinds of sites. Search for mortgage, get mortgage ad, etc. If I only have a very usual setup of tabs I look at, the result is not as good. Twitter is good, because it has me opening up stories on other sites.

For captchas try the Privacy Pass extension. While it’s not good for google’s crap, it does work for two others. Try to get sites to move over to those other two instead of google’s captcha.

Articles of interest - where? I spend half my day researching stuff so i read a lot of them. Some in the news, some scholarly. And I am into crypto personally so I end up with at least a few hours a week on that. I don’t see any patterns reflected in my ads though. I find some of the adverts pretty funny - blanket shop has been coming up a lot lately. So much I had to click it :slight_smile:

What kind of sources are best?

My main question is what country you are in? Right now the most active ad campaigns are in USA (77), United Kingdom (57) and Canada (53). Outside those three countries and it drops to 24 at the high.

Check this out
Scroll down to the bottom to see the amount of campaigns per location.

If you are in one of the top three, keeping a consistent schedule seems to help. It favors morning hours heavily. If the things you read have no connection with ads, that really doesn’t help. You need to score high in the categories there’s actually ads for. Crypto, especially DeFi is one though for the US and Canada at least. The hardware wallets are common and there’s a few business related. More selection than I thought actually. I haven’t triggered the hat one yet. Finally, if you are just always reading and never typing, that doesn’t help either. A little bit of typing with pauses help me get ads.

This month, I only got 25 ads in desktop and 17 ads on android. I always use brave browser on windows every day but still no ads.

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