V 1.18.75 Linux Ubuntu Zero Ads

Just wanted to report the following…

A fresh Brave install of Ubuntu 18.04 on a Laptop results in zero ads are being served up. However another Windows Laptop with Brave v 1.18.75 is getting ads consistently.

Now what’s strange is a Desktop with Ubuntu 18.04 v1.17.xx Brave version is raining ads no problems.

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Suddenly in the last day, not receiving Ads on Linux Ubuntu on both versions of Brave - v1.18.75 & v1.17.75

On Windows 10 Ads are sporadic with 1 or 2 here and there.

I’m assuming Devs doing maintenance on the server side so hopefully this will be rectified soon.

I also do not receive any Ads for a long time. I deleted Brave and reinstall it. I lost many of the things recorded in the old version, and unfortunately the ads also did not appear in the new version.

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