Brave has been crashing all day today

For no apparent reason the copy of Brave on my desktop windows 10 pc has been displaying the snap screen after crashing multiple times all day long. It recovers and continues again but it is a little frustrating as before today I had not had this happen, it has been totally reliable until now!

Hi @TonyGreen - thanks for reporting! Do you have crash reports enabled -

Are you on the latest version?
Does it crash at random?

Hi Steven,

Unfortunately as I am relatively new to using this browser I didn’t have the crash reporting option turned on but I do now so I will be keeping a close on this tomorrow.

I am running the latest version as this was the first thing I checked.

Sorry I have no more info to help with this I posted to see if others were experiencing similar issues wondering if something may have gotten broken in the last update?

Obviously it appears that this may not be the case as yours is the only reply I have seen.



Hi Tony,

Thanks for the additional info. Two follow up questions. Are you on a VPN connection, and do you have any extensions installed? If so, which ones?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steven,

I am not on a vpn and I do have extensions running but I haven’t added any new ones recently. It was only today that these random crashes occurred noticeably while in Facebook however that could be because I was using that app more than any other today.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

I am about to retire for the evening but before I do I will go to my pc and get a list of the extensions that are currently running.



Hi Steeven,

I have just checked my running extensions and they are:

Bitdefender Wallet

Bitdefender Anti Tracker


Speed Dial FVD

As I say these have always been running before the problems today.

I did switch off Audio Capture for Chrome today, Amazon Assistant for Chrome and Application Launcher for Drive by Google today as I wasn’t really using these and wondered if any of them might be contributing. I won’t really know if that makes any difference until I use the pc in earnest again tomorrow late morning.



Hi @TonyGreen,

Thanks for the additional info!! It’s very possible that these extensions are affecting the network connections. Would you mind opening a private or guest window, both of which will not load the extensions upon opening, and see if that makes a difference?

Hi Steven,

I am pleased to say that Brave did not misbehave once today so I agree that one of the extensions I disabled must have been causing the problem.


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