Brave got reset on it's own

My brave got reset today by it’s own and I had years of passwords saved on it and it all just vanished I hope there’s a fix to this.

Hello Fallen,

Unfortunately, assuming this is the worst case scenario, there is no way to recover lost data like passwords or bookmarks. However, if you were verified on Uphold, you can still receive your BAT.

For now, though, I’d like for you to provide some more information on this for me. What were the last things that you recalled doing before Brave reset?

Nothing I just used it like normal after like 2 am I had to go to sleep and shut off my pc like always then I woke up and my brave just got reset.

Just so I’m sure, what OS are you using?

What’s os? you mean os as in device??? If so it’s a pc.

Specifically Windows, correct?

Yes windows 10 activated

In the best case scenario, I think that following this might fix your problem, since I recently had another user that had a similar sounding issue.

If it doesn’t work, then I’ll have to think of something else.

Didn’t find profile list.

If I may ask, whenever you logged in, did you notice a message saying that you were logged into a temporary profile?

No it didn’t say I was logged into a temporary profile.

Are you there you haven’t talked for a while.

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