Brave gives me problems playing some live streams videos

For a week now, for no apparent reason, Brave hasn’t played some live streams on the cam4 site. Some play, most don’t. This screen appears without playing the live stream. I’ve tried with other browsers and everything works fine, so it’s a Brave problem. I tried to solve it in all possible ways without success. I uninstalled it by removing every tiniest file and subfolder, every registry key, and reinstalled and the problem persists. Enable and disable hardware acceleration, video decode. Tried removing all extensions, resetting to factory defaults, nothing. The browser, operating system (win 11) and nvidia drivers are all updated to the latest version available at the moment. I don’t know how to solve it and therefore I switched to opera one, but I would like to be able to solve the problem, because Brave is my favorite browser. Will you be able to give me a hand? I am attaching a screenshot of how the cam4 live streams look that are not visible on brave. Thanks a lot people.

Brave version: 1.57.53
Win 11 Pro 22H2
Nvidia drivers: 537.13
Internet speed: 1 Gb/s down - 300 Mb/s up - ping 7ms - jitter 0ms
Region: Italy

most likely you have to enable ( widevine arm ) to play the video go to settings, extension, and look for widevine arm enable it and then restart the browser and see if it works

Nah, that’s not the case on that. I tested and encountered some streams that wouldn’t load on Brave but did on Chrome.

Tried Shields off, private window, new profile, Nightly and Release, toggled Widevine, etc…

So it’s something else random with Brave.

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@lorax could you please share the link of the page that you are having a problem with the transmission of the video so that @saoiray can take a look and solve your problem, thanks

@Chocolate i already tested. They are referring to a porn thing, live web cams. They said the name of it, CAM4 and you can look it up that way. Or just add .com to the end and it goes there, lol. As mentioned, I saw the same issue.

But what is off about Brave would have to be seen by Support. I’m sure they’ll see this and check it out later

I better retire :joy: hahaha

Enabled Widevine, but the problem seems not to be solved, so annoyed about that

@lorax you enabled brave://adblock Blocklists Anti-Porn

Wrong again. Appreciate you’re trying to help but it’s none of that. It’s a Brave issue that you won’t be able to figure out. It’s going to take developers to take a look at what’s going on.

Speaking of, @fanboynz would you be able to check this out later and see if you can figure it out? It won’t be all footage but only certain cams that appear. I can’t provide a direct link as it’s only on live footage and they aren’t always up.

I know one of the cams this did happen on was with while she was live.

I went to test now and found where it was blocked on Brave, such as below:

But if I loaded it on Chrome or Edge, it was showing them having sex. Again though, not sure how long that will stay up.

No bro, anti-porn list is not flagged

So fucking annoyon, i hope they will fix it as soon as possible, even if probably will take something like 3-4 months. Anyhow i’m using the new Opera One now, and it’s damn good, i’m loving it

I doubt it would take that long, especially if it’s a Brave only issue for compatibility. All depends on what they have going on.

But at least your issue will likely be resolved faster than mine, which is that won’t work on any Chromium browser. Since it’s not just a Brave issue, I have to wait for it to be fixed by Chromium or for Apple to change something on their end.

To me everything is working fine, altrought I’ve swtiched to beta version since I’ve enounter many problems with the classic one (mostly related to gpu cache from what I’ve understand)

What’s wrong specifically? Checked a bit and everything is working fine, except notes that crash.

Now seems working fine to me, what about you?

I find Brave can’t play Vimeo at all, and will only play Youtube directly on the youtube site : it won’t play embedded videos, it just stays blank until you use the ‘play on youtube’ link.

]I’m also finding hackaday links to youtube are blocked and won’t even play on youtube … unless I search for the title on youtube and play it direct. It seems to block when given the referrer option. do any of these work?

Try disabling/re-enabling widevine in brave://settings/extensions

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