Brave froze webpage if left idle for a while

Whenever I leave webpage X idle. after say 1 hour, when going back to webpage X , and interacting with it the webpage turn black, frozen. Refresh does not work, neither clicking on favorites Icon. I can’t get that webpage to work.
Sometime it works again by closing the page, then accessing it again, Sometime I need to restart the browser.
BTW I can access any other webpage, it is only page X that become irresponsive.

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I have had the same issue for months. If you leave the computer idle for a while to do something else and return the web page you are on will be frozen. I have to copy the URL and paste into a new tab to get it to reload. A page refresh does nothing, the freeze remains.

Can you please tell me what version of Windows you’re using as well as what version of the browser you’re using when you see this behavior?

Most importantly, can you share the website you’re referring to? I would like to test the behavior and see if I can reproduce it on my end.

Windows 10 Home

Version 1.23.75 Chromium: 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (64-bit

It happen with all webpages irrespectively. when away from a long period of time, say one hours idle


I’ll send url of next occurrence, if you think it can help. I use brave most of the day so you may have to wait a while.

I could have bet on it, working as it should the past few hours. when trying to replicate the issue.

Me too, page refresh gives nothing but blank unresponsive page.

Web page frozen after sometime idle.

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser at this time? If so, can you please tell me which ones and try disabling them temporarily and see if the issue persists after they’re disabled?

I’ll give it a go. Find below latest frozen page.

Please note than as soon as I interact with the browser opening awebpage on a new window, the frozen webpage become active again.

So did disabling extensions have any effect?

I only have 3 extensions, Ublock origin, DarkReader and VPNunlimited . Yesterday afternoon with all 3 disabled I had no frozen occurrences. Now I am testing with UB and DR On. Then I’ll add VPN late tonight or tomorrow. Will report back, but bear in mind that this bug has a mind of it’s own and it seems to come and go at will.

Hi @utts , it might be that the browser’s own VPN is interfering with the VPNunlimited. You also have the browser’s ad blocker that can interfere with the Ublock origin.

@Secarry thanks, about the vpn extension, that was my first thought but I haven’t been using it for the past two months. The extension is there but not On. As far as Brave and Ublock interfering, well it never did and I have been using Brave with current settings and extensions for years. I certainly did not do any changes these past two months. It is related to the latest few Brave updates me think.
Time will tell after some error and trial troubleshooting.

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Loaded and I see no issues on the site. I’m not sure how long to wait, but after 10mins it seems okay.

@fanboynz. Yes there is nothing wrong with the site, that one or any I use frequently in which the issue occurs.
It maybe related to extensions, but why now after years of working fine with Brave.
BTW this is for @ Mattches:
Enabled VPNunlimited extension too. It is not On just enable. No issue occurrences the past couple of hours.
It is hard to pin point as it appears to be random. Also I have to say that most of the time the frozen page happen after streaming on a newpage for an hour or so.

Just happen only after maybe 20 min idle:
I had several pages open, when I interacted with next page neither that pages nor the others where frozen, Went back to streaming page and it was working again.
VPN was not On.
I’ll try for a while with VPN fully disabled. After that I’m running out of ideas.

I would avoid using extension-based vpns and use system wide vpns (windows app) as more reliable option.

I do have a lifetime subscription of Keepsolid VPN the makers of VPNunlimited VPN and Browser extension.
I use the extension seldom, it comes with the package, and not for serious matters.

Thank you for telling me what extension you have installed. Now, can you please disable every single extension you have and see if the issue persists? Alternatively, you can also create a new temp. browser profile and test to see if the behavior is the same when using this new profile.

@Mattches, I’ll test again with extensions disable. Also I create a new profile and testing there too. How I delete the new profile at test conclusion?

Ps. I saw how to delete profile.


Just come back from my morning walk, Brave with extension On was frozen on XIX webpage. Brave without extensions (new Profile) no issue so far.
BTW UB origin was On, DarkReader On, VPN Off but enabled.
I will disable UB, then Dark Reader, then VPN and report back. No point to disable the 3 of them otherwise how to know if and which one has a compatibility issue.

Ps. In any case it seems a minor issue as soon as I interact with other pages or with others brave features the page became active again. It is not like some weeks ago when it stay unresponsive till restarting the browser.