Brave browser tab freezes at idle

Description of issue:

4 year old Dell Inspiron 7569 laptop, 64 bit Windows 10 Home. Browser and Windows 10 fully and completely updated. In my power & sleep settings I have it where my screen will turn off after a set period of time as I often step away from my laptop. But recently after it does idle when not attended and using, the tab I have left open in Brave freezes - clicking does nothing and it won’t let me scroll.

Clicking onto another Brave tab fixes this, but this never happened before about 2-3 weeks ago. I often step away from my computer and why I have the screen turn off. This EXACT same problem is happening with Google Chrome as well and started at the same time so likely related. I have verified that this problem does not happen with Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox so I don’t believe this to be a laptop hardware issue.

I have installed no new extensions in past year, disabling current extensions (only 4) does not resolve this. Possibly related to a Windows 10 update?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Leave a web page open on a Brave tab.
  2. Set “power settings” for screen to turn off after 10 minutes
  3. Come back when screen goes dark and try to continue where you left off, can’t do it, this browser tab is frozen.

Expected result: Performing above results in a browser freeze.

Brave Version( check About Brave): V1.22.71 (64 bit)

**Additional Information: If you click on a different “tab” within the browser, this often releases the frozen tab up out of it’s freeze. Same exact problem now happening with Google Chrome! (but not Firefox or Edge).

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I have the same problem as well. It just started with the latest update as of 04/07. If there is no activity on the open page for a short period it freezes and I have to close the tab and sometimes the browser it’s self to reactivate the page.

Same issue here. I didn’t know Chrome had the same issue, however, but that provides some insight. I stopped using Chrome for a while now. Imagine my surprise at the similarity between Chrome and Brave.

I only learned today that you can switch between tabs to **unfreeze the tab. I used to shake entire browser window with my mouse.

**when I say ‘unfreeze’, I don’t imply that the tab froze. The tab seems to work fine, but will provide no visible feedback to reflect any changes to the page. For example, if I scroll while the tab is ‘frozen’, then ‘unfreeze’ it, the page will show to where I have scrolled.

Happens many times a day, causing quite a bit of confusion, especially when one is in the middle of an online conversation with longer pauses.

Can we expect an update to resolve this? (has been going on for months now, but seems to have increased recently)

I have had same issue for months…

I have the same issue for two months. Tabs freeze when minimized, or when left idle for a short time. This is not happening with other browsers. Brave browser is up to date.

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This happens to me as well and has been an issue for a couple of months. I’m glad to know that switching tabs is a work around but Brave needs to fix this.

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