Brave "freezes" when computer gets woken up from sleep mode

Description of the issue: When I leave the computer running and it goes into standby by itself and I come back and wake it up (the kind where I have to re-enter my password), the browser is frozen and seemingly doesnt react to any input. I have discovered that it DOES actually react - if I open links I dont see anything changing but if I close the browser and start it again, the links I opened ARE open.

Steps to Reproduce: I THINK manually entering sleep mode also does the trick but usually its like

  1. open Brave
  2. walk away
  3. computer enters sleep/standby mode
  4. wake it up
  5. Brave is now frozen and doesnt visually react to input

Reproduces how often: at first I think it only happened sometimes? by now it definitely happens always

Operating System and Brave Version:
windows 10 (version 1803, 64 bit)
Version 0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:


When this happens and you (I assume) have to force quit Brave, does it display the “crashed” error message?

I dont have to force quit Brave, just clicking on the X closes it normally (just without any visual feedback. as in, the X doesnt get a red/orange background)
Im assuming you mean the “Browser was not closed properly, should we restore your tabs” thing? Or that thats at least adjacent to what you mean?
bur yeah no, no error message

btw ive googled the shortcut for restarting a graphics driver on windows because I figured maybe its that but that didnt do anything either

Were the instructions that you found in that research related to Hardware Acceleration? If not, can you visit Settings --> Additional --> System --> Hardware Acceleration and set this option to Disabled? NOte that you’ll have to relaunch to apply changes. See if this changes the behavior when your PC goes to sleep.

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