Browser window except for title bar frequently becomes unresponsive for 15+ seconds

Description of the issue:

I’m having an issue where the stable version of Brave is freezing for 10-15 seconds or more quite frequently. The tab becomes black, and Windows says that it is not responding. It has been getting worse. It started recently. Restarts haven’t helped. Hardware acceleration and Rewards are off. Haven’t tried disabling extensions yet. I guess that’s the next step. I have Authy, Evernote Web Clipper, Toolkit for YNAB, RescueTime, OneTab, Google Translate, LastPass, Great Suspender.

No particular site causes it. It happens even on brave:// pages.

Not sure what’s going on…

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use the browser as normal (Brave or Brave Beta).

Expected result:

Brave loads pages as fast as it can given the system resources; the loading icons shows, but the viewport does not black out.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave Beta:

Additional Information:
This only seems to happen on one of my Windows accounts. I use two to separate work/personal stuff. In Brave Beta, the only extensions I have are LastPass and Google Translate. Disabling Google Translate might have helped in Beta but doesn’t seem to have been the culprit in Stable.

Thanks for reaching out and for the detailed report. Are the machines you’re experiencing this on part of a Sync chain by chance? If so, can you try removing the device(s) form the Sync chain and see if this stops the freezing?

Hmm, yeah, although only the one on Windows freezes. I’ll try removing it and seeing if that helps.

I turned off Brave Sync. There was one more huge hang, but I haven’t run into another yet. It’s only been a few minutes, though. Will try to start using the stable one again and see what happens. If it continues not freezing, will try turning hardware acceleration back on.

Is there a GitHub issue I can follow for this? Brave Sync is useful.

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Sure do, you can track the issue here:

The team is working very hard to get these issues resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Ah, mine is not a crash, but a long hang. Still, root cause does seem similar. I’ve been in Beta most of tonight, but haven’t been getting the hangs upon switching back to the Stable window that I was before. Will subscribe to the issue.

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So far, so good. Turning off sync stopped the freezing. Will follow the GitHub issue.

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