Brave establishes permanent connections immediately after the start

Description of the issue:
Immediately after the start Brave connects to the following addresses without loading an internet page and leaves it open. (see additional information)

How can this issue be reproduced?
Start Brave and check the traffic on the network interface

Expected result:
Secure browsing without permanently connections to and others…

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.9.80 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

brave 21335 secret 166u IPv4 6313425 0t0 UDP
brave 21335 secret 169u IPv4 6313427 0t0 UDP
brave 21368 secret 34u IPv4 6313366 0t0 TCP local:35606-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 36u IPv4 6314452 0t0 TCP local:35600-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 37u IPv4 6314454 0t0 TCP local:35604-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 38u IPv4 6313367 0t0 TCP local:35608-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 39u IPv4 6314453 0t0 TCP local:37614-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 42u IPv4 6313368 0t0 TCP local:35610-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 44u IPv4 6313369 0t0 TCP local:35612-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 45u IPv4 6313370 0t0 TCP local:35614-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 46u IPv4 6316138 0t0 TCP local:37900-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 47u IPv4 6315318 0t0 TCP local:41806-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 48u IPv4 6315325 0t0 TCP local:56736-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 49u IPv4 6315319 0t0 TCP local:41808-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 50u IPv4 6315320 0t0 TCP local:41810-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 51u IPv4 6315321 0t0 TCP local:41812-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 52u IPv4 6315322 0t0 TCP local:41814-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 53u IPv4 6315323 0t0 TCP local:41816-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 54u IPv4 6311518 0t0 TCP local:41820-> (ESTABLISHED)
brave 21368 secret 55u IPv4 6306811 0t0 UDP
brave 21368 secret 57u IPv4 6318137 0t0 TCP local:50438-> (ESTABLISHED)


Welcome to the community.

I’d like to follow this conversation, and I’d like to identify why these connections are being created and where these connections originate in the source code.

Do these connections generate a large amount of network traffic for you?

I have just started looking at this browser on Linux Mint (Ubuntu Xenial version) and notices that upon startup it downloads 15 - 20 MB of data without loading a page. Closing the browser and bringing it up again produces the same result.

At first I thought it was just downloading a Safe Browsing database but that should go to cache. For me this happens every time I restart the browser so it must only exist in RAM.

I’m on a slow connection so this is problematic for me.

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I tried to find the domain names of the IP addresses you provided and most of them did not resolve. I did find that belongs to, so I’m guessing it has something to do with the crypto-wallet. I wonder if you still get the connection if you don’t sign up for brave rewards?

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