Brave browser connecting to other devices in my network

Description of the issue:
When I have brave open there are connections to other devices inside my network for no reason.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open brave
  2. open cmd prompt
  3. write netstat -b

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.19.86 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
This doesnt happen when I use firefox.

Do you have Sync enabled by chance?

No I don’t have that setup.

What protocol are those connections over? Do you have any extensions?

tcp and yes I am using extensions, but this happens with them all disabled too. Weird thing is these connections are going to my tv and sometimes another pc.

Can you try this with all tabs closed (except for one pointing to about://blank), and all extensions disabled? Also, it would be helpful to know from which port(s) the calls originate. Thank you!

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3rd picture is from a fresh start. connection isn’t there but as soon as i start browsing the web it appears again.

From a cursory scan, these appear to be Fastly IP addresses (which we use for our service endpoints) and other Brave-related pings. For instance, I see one of these is likely associated with our Discourse instance here at

The calls to port 8009 on various local addresses appears to be Chrome Cast Detection; the browser is attempting to locate devices on your network which are able to receive a media stream.

If you want to be absolutely positive, you could download Telerik Fiddler (works with HTTPS too, via a local root cert), and monitor the activity with that app. That will show us host names for these connections, very likely revealing what’s going on here.

Ah interesting. Is there anyway I can disable the chrome cast detection? I don’t use that feature and never set it up. Not sure why its just automatically connecting.

Do you have Media Router enabled or disabled in brave://settings/?search=Media+Router?

I have that turned off.

When you watch a Youtube video, do you see a “Cast” option enumerated in the ☰ menu?

Nope. cant see any cast options.

Thank you for the update, @Dabenport. Can you share what you see when you visit about:version in Brave? Specifically, I’m interested in the Command Line portion. Also, when you visit about:flags, do you see anything enabled at the top of the page?

What made you disable the Media Router Component Extension in about:flags? What happens if you reset the flag to default?

I’m not sure why that is disabled. I don’t remember changing it. Maybe an extension did that? I tried to set to default and still see the same connections. The connections are going to 2 amazon alexa devices and my tv. I also checked my tv settings and there is nothing I can turn off for chromecast and I have “content sharing” turned off.

The connections to the alexa devices also goes away after a bit. Only seem to be up when I first start using the browser. The connection to the tv stays until the browser is closed.


It definitely seems like some type of Cast component has loaded, and is connected to your TV with the expectation you may attempt to cast media in the future.

Please run netstat -b -o to get the Process ID for the specific process issuing these calls? Once you have the process ID, check Task Manager (Details tab) for the command-line column for that process.

Would you be available for a remote screenshare/call sometime? I’d love to take a closer look at what’s going on, and what we can do to improve your experience.