Brave doesn't start on Windows

Description of the issue:
Exactly the same as here: Brave Not Launching in Windows 10
But I cannot reply because it was stale.

After Windows system reset (due to update problems) Brave no longer starts. I have tried all the recommended steps, but they don’t work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Click the Brave shortcut (or exe, or try starting it via powershell).

Expected result:
Brave starts.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I don’t know, since I cannot start it. I also don’t get any output from .\brave.exe --version or .\brave.exe --help

Additional Information:

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The Application directory contains two folders. One is So I guess thats the version? The other is

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I now deleted my user data directory (after backing it up). When I start brave, a CrashpadMetrics-active.pma file and a Crashpad directory are created. None of the files are plain text, unfortunately.

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Ok, this worked for me now:

  1. Backup and delete the Brave-Browser\User Data directory
  2. Download and install brave again using a different browser
  3. Replace the User Data directory with the backup
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