Brave doesn't give me the opportunity to save passwords

I have the offer to save passwords option on and I’m not able to use it, every time I enter to any page I have an account on I have to log back in and I have no notifications asking me if I want to save the password, please help me or I’ll be force to go back to google and I don’t want that :pensive:

v 1.26.74

does it works in a new profile?
maybe your current profile is corrupted.

Nope, it doesn’t work either

do you have sync enabled?

Go to brave://settings/passwords and verify that passwords are saved here.

This ‘key’ icon will appear on sites that have saved passwords.
Screenshot 2021-07-11 143608
You can also click on it to use your saved passwords.

If you have Sync enabled, is there an Android device on the Sync chain? What version?

I have the same problem but what I did is that earlier I clicked never save passwords and now I want Brave to save my passwords can you help me😅

the problem is that the sites are not there also no site is asking me if i want to save my password so please just join my discord and connect to my pc and please resolve my problem it will hardly take 10 minutes (Discord-cheeku0001 #1534)

@cheeku0001 Go to the site for which you want to save passwords, click on the lock icon on the left hand side of URL Bar and go to Site settings and Reset permissions also try Clear data if resetting permissions don’t work.

Make sure you have toggled on Offer to save passwords in brave://settings/passwords


Go to brave://settings/passwords and toggle Offer to save passwords.

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 19.28.55

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