Brave Not Giving Me Option to Save Password for Certain Site

Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I see that a few people are starting topics about this but they always go unanswered. I had a previously saved password to this certain site that was incorrect so I finally went into the password manager and deleted that saved password. Now brave doesn’t give me the option to save a password for that site. I have toggled the “offer to save passwords” on and off. I have restarted the browser, I have restarted my computer. I have created new tabs…nothing is working. There is no key symbol next to the brave/rewards icons. Anyone have a fix for this? I access this site on a daily basis so it would be nice to not have to look up my password constantly! It seems like this issue affects both macs and PC’s. I am running on macOS Mojave.

I have the same problem . i cant import CSV password file too Brave also . i dont know whats wrong.

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