Brave does not show correctly on Philips Q-line Android 8.0

Description of the issue:
Starting Brave on a Philips Q-line TV only uses part of the screen and the fonts are stretched out. Even showing the TV’s OSD (with remote control) then shows stretched text. Chromium (old) and Firefox (newest) work ok on this TV, newest Chrome and Chromium also look ok (but need Google Play Services) and newest Webview works fine too.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Install latest Brave and start it.

Expected result:
Brave startup screen

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Philips Q-line TV model 43BDL3550Q, Android 8.0.0

Additional Information:
See screenshots of startup screen and startup screen with OSD activated.

First off, they do not make it for TV version. It’s something I requested but it’s not even something they are thinking of at this time.

Secondly, Android 8 is not really supported anymore. It doesn’t get security updates and many developers aren’t putting out newer updates for apps on it either. There’s just way too many differences.

That said, don’t think you’re going to be getting any official help on this.

Well, I did not really expect “official help”, but I thought you would be interested in this strange problem. Brave completely messes up the screen (resolution) or something like that and is therefore unusable. All other current browser versions (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox) seem to work fine.

The current Brave also works fine on an old Android 8.1 tablet.

Note that there isn’t really something special related to Android TV for normal apps, no “special support” is needed. Another Android 10 TV box we tested works fine with Brave.

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