Brave on TV SONY

I have installed Brave on my TV SONY KD-43XF8096, that runs under Android 8.0.
But, Brave not receives commands from TV’s remote control device at all.
Even cursor is not visible.
What can I do to fix this problem?
I hope I’ve described my problem properly.
I do like Brave, it works on 2 my Pcs, my iPhone and on my wife’s PC.

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Are you side loading the app or installing it via playstore?

Does Chrome work on your TV?

I downloaded the file named Brave Browser Fast from site

Then I installed it on TV.

@nlw, directs you to the download files for the Desktop browser – did you visit this address from a browser in your tv and installed from the tv’s internal storage?

I’ve downloaded it on a flash dribe and then installed it on the TV.

Thanks for the information.
While I understand it may be frustrating, afaik, Brave is not intended nor built to be used via smart tv. Obviously it’s possible but it’s going to come along with some unintended side effects --no unlike the issue you’re encountering with the remote.

That said, the one thing you might try is ensuring that Device Recognition (Fingerprinting) is set to Allowed in Shields settings as it may be blocking communications between your tv and the remote.

@nlw If Chrome works on your smart TV then Brave should too. Can you try installing the BraveModernarm.apk from here and check if it works?

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Thank you for your attention to my problem, not every dream can be embodied. By the way, BraveModernarm.apk doesn’t work too.

Can you try the BraveMonoarm.apk. The builds are a quite different so we’ll need to test them. Also does your TV have a playstore? Probably will be customised by Sony

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