Please add Brave to Android TV

Hi there I’m pretty new to this community and it’s my first time posting here so I’m going to make this short I really wish if Brave was available for Android TV If devs find this post please release an android tv version of Brave I can’t be the only one who want’s brave to be available for Android TV right?

Yes man. I really want it to be there on TV.
Would be good to be able to watch Youtube without ads on it!
Voted for it


voted. I would love to have this on Android TV. Made an account just to say that and vote and would definitely donate if it happened.

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Yes most definitely!!!

Sony First Please, they have their own Android repository so it would be a good control group for testing.


put this bad boy on on Nvidia Shield

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I agree! Brave on android TV would be TOP!

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Yes please, for Xiamomi

There is one place where I Don’t find Brave is On my android TV.
Android TV market is Growing in India and There no browser app which fast and smooth.
Form past 5 year I use Brave on my all devices except TV.
Hope Brave will launch an app For ANDROIDTV

Hi All.

I feel like Don Quijote.

I am replacing my Linux and Windows desktop computers with the AndroidPC.

Why, because today everything are the Apps., we use them at every moment in our smartphones.

And now that I am 65, and my eyesight is not so good, I prefer a bigger screen to work with Android Apps.

And I found, that you can get a quad core, 4Gb + 64GB, Google certified AndroidTV box for 50 USD. I am waiting now, that the octa core, 8GB + 128Gb, Google certified AndroidTV box falls below a price of 80 USD to buy it. Really convenient prices!

Using the AndroidTV box as AndroidPC box, works fair enough for my purposes. I had to sideload most of the Apps.

Brave works, but only a older version. Screen copy of technical attached.

I would thank you, to develop a native Brave browser version for AndroidTV.

I remember the beginning of Xwindows in Linux, no cpu power to drive the monster. No chance against Microsoft Windows. But now it is different. Google has to change slightly their platform to convert the AndroidTV in a powerfull AndroidPC. The price for the hardware is a bargain.

Thanks and Regards

Cris from Chile

There is no better option in the app store of Google tv so can you pls add it there