Brave does not show any notifications on Arch Linux

Hello. I’m a newbie around here, so I may have butchered where to post this. I apologize due to my lack of understanding of all forums in Brave community.

I’m an Arch Linux user, and I use GNOME desktop environment on it. I made my research and experimented on my system before writing this on Brave Community. Here is my problem: Brave does not show any notifications. Thus, I can neither make use of Brave Rewards, nor can I get notifications when one of my colleges send a message to me.

Here are conclusions I got from playing around with things.
1- GNOME notifications work fine since it has reminded the birthday of my friend yesterday. It was only a calendar notification, so I’ve installed some flatpaks from GNOME Software. I was able to get a “Installation complete” notification. So, there is something wrong with Brave itself.

2-I’ve installed Brave via brave-bin package from AUR:

This package was recommended in your installation guide:

Reproducibility of this issue is %100. I’ve enabled “Use Google Services for Push Messaging” button as well.

My Brave version is “Version 1.16.72 Chromium: 86.0.4240.183 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)”

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I would like to correct myself. Yesterday, Brave has sent notification of this post getting replied. My problem is that I do not see any Brave Rewards ads at all. When I was running Windows 10 on this machine, Brave ads were showing up. Your Linux port seems to have a problem with Brave Rewards.

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We have an issue open around notifications in the unofficial Arch package:

The first thing I would try is to install the libnotify package as mentioned by a user in the above issue.

Another thing would be to play with the brave://flags/#enable-native-notifications flag to see if it has any effect.


The problem still persists. Both iPhone 7 and Windows 10 installation (on same computer) are getting ads. It’s hard to ignore that only one OS is not getting ads from the bunch while others get it rather frequently. My computer has been up all day, but I see no ads. I’ve installed libnotify and enabled the flag on my computer days ago. I’ve set it to default and used it that way too. No luck. I’ve updated Brave yesterday and been using the new version since. The problem still persists.

I wonder if Ubuntu version of this package has the same problem?

I’ve switched to Manjaro Linux due to problems I was having with Arch, and I’m happy to say that the Manjaro version of Brave (not Brave-bin package from AUR, but actual Brave package from official Manjaro repos) are working fine. I’m seeing ads and Brave is working as expected. I guess this is a brave-bin package problem. It’s a good idea to let the package maintainer know the problem. It may be a dependency that we are not aware of but Manjaro developers are.

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