Brave does not handle an iframe with embedded YouTube soundtrack

Windows 10, Brave Version 0.67.125 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100

This is a problem which previously occurred for me on Chrome - it’s now solved with Chrome. Also works with Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi etc.
Try to play this example web page, which uses an iframe to play back a recording :

What you should see is the music score for a string quartet, in sync with an embedded soundtrack from a video on YouTube. What I get in Brave is a rotating progress wheel - but the playback never starts and the visual score never appears.

Any ideas?

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What happens when you try? I played a few tracks without issued (Brave release / Sheilds on)

If can you test “Allow all devices recognition” in Sheilds and see if that helps

“Allow all devices recognition” helps a bit, because now I actually get an error message:
“Autoplay was blocked on this page”
But the iframe on the web page I am trying to play already has the following parameters:
allow=“autoplay; fullscreen”

So I can’t do much more to improve my web page and its iframe. I think this is an error on the Brave side…

could you try with sheilds down and private mode? does the same issue occur in Brave beta? Would check you the autoplay settings in Brave options?

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