Brave does not block its own tracker on brave website by shields

Some users on reddit have found out that brave does not block it’s own tracker on its website The analytics are served from (probably from cloudfront/aws). It looks like it is from matomo instead of usual google analytics. It does not block these analytics scripts in standard mode and even in aggressive mode.

Users are questioning if whether brave purposefully lets their own analytics hit users who visit their own websites like

(Here OP was using google search which injected google url identifiers when he clicked on via google search engine. He admitted he was wrong about google tracker later on but still according to him matomo trackers are let in.)

So, I checked other websites where matomo analytics is served like and It seems from sites like zerodha and ahrefs brave shields is unable to block first party self-hosted matomo anayltics but is able to block third party matomo analytics from sites like

So, is brave (brave shields) deliberately letting matomo trackers on or is it in its current state unable to block first party self-hosted matomo trackers as base domains are needed to be added manually in brave adblock list?


I don’t have an answer currently, but investigating. Will update thread.

I forgot to add these two images

This will be addressed with

These rules predated the changes we made to shields, to allow some general 1st party exceptions for piwik/matomo. Which are no longer needed since was announced.

They will be blockable via Shields=Aggressive. Give it 3-4hrs from this message being posted, and update Brave Ad Block Updater in brave://components

From reddit:

Update Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.1346 in brave://components

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Just wanted to be sure and suggest it would be better to block matomo ananlytics on to avoid similar stuff which happened with ddg-microsoft tracker-msclkid stuff which happened in their own browser (own tracker blocker)

Blocking matomo.js on in aggressive mode seems reasonable enough.

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