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As I noticed some of filters such as NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection), Adblock warning removal, Cookie Notice Blocker, Malware block aren’t in default of Brave’s built-in adblocker, (I created a topic already requesting them) I needed to add those filters manually, with Japanese + Turkish filters that Brave adblocker provided me. However, then web pages look broken somehow because of removed ads.

In this case, I need an adblock extension like Adguard which explains clearly why it’s necessary: “Adguard extension applies all kinds of cosmetic processing to the pages’ content. Naive ad blocking would simply block ad servers, and leave broken elements and first-party ads on the pages. AdGuard applies special cosmetic rules to make pages look clean and tidy.”

To make the long story short, I read that if I ever use more than only one adblocker “they will conflict with each other, and the speed of browsing will decrease noticeably”. In this case, should I just disable Brave’s built-in adblocker and shields to use Adguard browser extension only or do you claim it won’t matter if I use all of Brave’s adblocker & shields and Adguard together? Any suggestions would be welcome!

By the way, Brave’s built-in adblocker filters and manually added filters automatically get updated, right?

A few things here, We do include a coin-mining filterlist (also a coinminer in Easyprivacy). So your safe there. Cosmetic filter is coming, which will help with spaces and we’re looking into Cookie notice removal.

I don’t know how Adguard compares, but I do testing with both ABP and UBO in Brave, and they seem to work well. However when using another (any) adblock extension, there is always potential issues of a bug in the blocking in the extension and Brave being blamed. Troubleshooting by disabling all extensions and running Brave naked without any extensions is ideal when issues arise.

tl;dr The adblock extension is improving, you can use Adguard + Brave (with or without adblock enabled).

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