Brave data recovery

I accidentally deleted the brave browser without saving my data(i had a lot of bookmarks) can i somehow recover them?

If you had synced the data into the sync chain ,then all data will be restored once you add the pc to the sync chain again. If not, then its pretty tough i guess to get them back .

Oh……rip,no other ways to get them back? I forgot to sync too

Did you simply uninstall the browser? Or did you also elect to delete all associated browsing data (this typically is asked during the uninstall process)?

I uninstalled it accidentally but when i installed it back all was gone,all my BAT and bookmarks ,i dont know how to get the bookmarks back,i did not do any backup or so,can i still get em back somehow?

If you uninstalled the browser as well as it’s associated data, and do not have a backup of your bookmarks somewhere, then unfortunately there is no way to recover that information.

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