Saved Bookmark is lost

Hi, I just lost all my saved bookmarks.
is there any way to get them back?

Can you please provide more information? If you had bookmarks saved in the browser and they’re now “lost” – what happened in between the time in which they were present and then gone? What OS are you running? Brave version? Where have you checked for your bookmarks?

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Unfortunately I share a pc with some other people and one of them reinstalled Windows 10.
That’s how i lost all my saved bookmarks. Please help me if possible. I really need those bookmarks

To confirm, you share a PC and had Brave installed. Someone (not you) had reformatted/reinstalled Windows 10 on the machine and ( I assume) did not back up any data from the previous Win10 install – is that correct?

If thats the case, there unfortunately isn’t any way to retrieve your old bookmarks/data unless you had them added to a Sync chain – in which case, you need only the Sync code associated with that Sync chain to retrieve your bookmarks.

Outside of that, your bookmarks data is stored locally – if that local data is wiped, so are your bookmarks. Note that (again, outside of any browser’s “sync” service) this would be the case for any browser.

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