Brave Publisher glitch!?

In one of my liked yt channel the bat count shows -0.00 is this a glitch!?

Tried removing the channel and added again still shows -0.00 BAT!

@steeven @Mattches

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The Advertising system has been Closed at the moment, that does not mean that we see your channel badly, on the contrary, many of us have passed through your channel to see you, we love the content you are creating, but I think you lack a A little more Chispa, exploit a little more on social networks, make yourself known, we love that you are on our team and we are only giving you an opportunity to grow and then come back to us bigger so that you increase your income not 1 or 2 but 5 times, Thanks to Brave Browser, I invite you to stay on the team for future updates which we can all win.

One more user <3 Greetings.

This is a glitch, yes. I believe that we are already working on resolving this though. Thank you for reporting.


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