List sites where content creators are receiving BAT

Right now it is not possible to see if a website owner (e.g. Microsoft for Github) or the content creators (e.g. Youtubers) are receiving the rewards.

Please add a visual clue on the rewards screen and maybe event the rewards icon that makes it obvious to whom the rewards go.

Also, please team up with more platform owners to support rewarding the users of those platforms as well if they are the content creators.


@sbaechler as seen on screenshot, it’ll go to YTers (and Twitch streamers). For unsupported platform (like GitHub), it’ll (still) go to the site itself.

More platform support is coming. Like Reddit and Twitter.

Thank you for the screenshot. I have not noticed yet.

Is there a list or a roadmap of supported platforms?

This needs a rethink - it’s now storing ALL sites visited, circumventing the “clear all data” privacy features.

I just went in to the BAT settings panel and there are literally thousands of websites I’ve visited in there.

There’s also no way to clear it other than deleting the entire BraveSoftware folder in .config