Brave creator payment date and calculated

Hello sir

I am an brave creator. Have have an YouTube channel. Last month I got payed at 12th November. My doubt is that will the BAT which I got as support from 1st November to 1dt December will be credited on 12th December OR the last amount of BAT the date of credit ie) on or after 10th December.

Because some of my people supported me 2 days before only. So I’m expecting to get my payout this month.

Pls respond

But it shows that the next deposit date is December 8th.

Which is tomorrow. But I dont know what exact time in my country.

Ya bro actually 8th Dec but last month I got them deposit on 12th only

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

@steeven @hari2 I sent you my info steeven, please check

I didn’t receive the payment since 2 months ago!! Please help

Bro I messaged you regarding the same issue, please try to help me.

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Hello @md.aasil sil Did @steeven replied to you? He’s already solving my case!!

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He just said he started processing on Dec 8. Did you receive bro.

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I just received 1.8 BAT, not the complete payment :confused: @md.aasil @steeven


OMG, I didn’t even get any response bro.


Do you know any other person who can help us from brave?

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