Creators January, 2023 payout

It’s 14th and i dont see Creators payout status this month

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I know they sometimes come early but isn’t it supposed to be 15th? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I saw next deposit is 13th jan, and now it showing payout in progress. so i thought 13th

Oh wow. Sorry I haven’t checked in the longest time had an account for years and always thought it was 15th! :joy: Anyways, it’s often 14th for me but I’ve been paid as late as 17th before (August).

I can’t find the status indicator in the forums anymore but I imagine payments are still processing. I can’t even see anywhere that says next deposit on my creator account, only last deposit?

the status post hasn’t been updated since last month. probably delayed because of the weekend.


Nice one, thank you!

16th and i still dont receive payout :frowning:

Me neither, but the payout status for creators is still pending so will wait and see.

Hi everyone, apologies for the delay for this month’s payout.
Please see below that payouts have been completed. If you have not received your payout, do keep in mind that it can take a couple days until you receive yours even after payouts are completed.

If you seeing no change after a couple days, you are always welcomed to submit a ticket to our Creator Support form for further investigation.