Brave creator does not deposit

brave creator does not deposit my 7.60 BAT I have been waiting since last year but so far nothing despite being verified and linked to uphold

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Creators payments will process on the 13th.

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Can you please check your pm i sent you a message

it always comes out the same, that date comes out after processing and the deposit is not made

Can you please check your pm i sent you a message

Thanks steeven I received my January payout today

Thanks Brave team @steeven @SaltyBanana

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which payout are you talking about? creator or ads payout

Creator payment bro…

when did you get it and of which month?

i haven’t received my december creator payouts yet

Same problem me I don’t receive my November creator payout and I talk steeven about this and he slove my problem

it always comes out the same and does not make the payment and we are already February 13

hello steeven, now the same thing keeps coming up, could you help me. such date comes out the payment is processed but that date arrives and it is not made

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Hi @Willn, can you DM me the email linked to your account?

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