Brave Creator Payout Date?

Is anyone received creator payout for this month ??

Or when we are going to receive the same??
Pls confirm


I haven’t received my payout since April, last month


Im also facing same problem since 2 month 105 BaT Still pending plz help !

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Last 3 months I didn’t get anything to my wallett it’s collecting to my browser and says next month I’ll get it

Mines just been sitting on payout in progress for awhille…

received my payout yesterday.

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Full payout or few bats

It was a full payout.

@andybones Was this with Gemini or Uphold?

Having the same issue,
Didn’t receive the payout last month…

It is with Gemini…
my last and only link of, due do SSD failure, etc
BUT soon we should have linking limits lifted! YAY BRAVE!

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