Brave crashes Windows when downloading .7z files

Brave v1.58.129 (x64) crashed Windows when downloading a .7z file. It was fine to download any other types of files. The downloading actually finished with a temporary file (Unconfirmed 910693.crdownload) saved to the download folder.

For example, there are several files here:

brave-portable-win64-1.57.62-88-setup.exe, 124 MB
brave-portable-win64-1.57.62-88.7z, 115 MB
brave-portable-win64.exe, 4.48 MB
brave_installer-win64.exe, 106 MB
checksums.txt, 396 Bytes
Source code (zip)
Source code (tar.gz)

Downloading the 115 MB “brave-portable-win64-1.57.62-88.7z” file will crash Windows with a blue screen with a stop code: CACHE_MANAGER

A workaround is to use the “Save As” dialogue to change the the .7z extension to something else, e.g. to .7z.TMP, or to .7z.ZIP by clicking and selecting "All Files in the popup window. After the downloading was done successfully, change the extension back to 7z.

However, v1.47.171 of Brave did not crash Windows when downloading a .7z file.

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