Brave crashes when playing video on youtube


Every time When playing any video on brave will crash within 10 seconds.
Also, When visiting sites with embedded youtube videos, as soon as i click play brave crashes.

Other sites with videos seem to work just fine.
Example: works just fine.

I am currently using Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have tried turning off Shilds Up, and hardware acceleration, and get the same results.

thank you.


Hi @cweeks,

If you type in brave://crashes in the URL bar, do you see any crashes being listed?


Yes there are a lot of them.
Here is one.

Uploaded Crash Report ID 76195a2893d78211 (Local Crash ID: ed6bf5ba-4d8c-4868-9434-889ebe788ec4)


Thanks for the report @cweeks :+1: I’m sharing it with the development team so we can take a look and see what’s happening. Just as a quick double check, that report is associated with the crash you’re seeing correct? Example:

  • reproduce the issue that you mentioned and view brave://crashes
  • wait till the report is submitted (the one that was just created) or restart
  • once submitted, share the info as you did above

I just want to make sure we’re looking at the right report as you mentioned there was a good amount of them. Maybe you can share a bunch of them so we can see if they’re all related?


Thank for the reply.

Uploaded Crash Report ID 35f5f9bdd04eeb6f (Local Crash ID: d6f5a8c9-ef63-4216-9d71-0a2668826c79)

Uploaded Crash Report ID e84380114c335f73 (Local Crash ID: f6859b43-f56d-4ad3-915a-a3f4eb490777)

Uploaded Crash Report ID 226678b0ae844905 (Local Crash ID: 0d79fea6-5bf1-4d99-b965-aa49a8e64b15)

Windows 10.17763


Awesome, thanks for the info @cweeks :+1: I created Hopefully a developer can narrow down what you’re experiencing and get a fix pushed out. If there’s any other information that I might have missed, please feel free to add more into the GitHub issue.


Hey - any update wrt this ticket? My Brave browser instance also seems unable to upload crash reports, either automatically, or by clicking the “upload now” link next to the crash report. It just remains at “upload requested by user, not yet uploaded”. Restarting the browser shows it again as “not uploaded” :frowning:

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