Brave crashes on start

Description of the issue:

Brave hangs after display of home page. Unresonponsive to click or key.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Start brave from menu or from command line

Expected result:

Brave displays with responsive page

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Linux 6.2.10-arch1-1 #
Brave Browser

Additional Information:

Message on start from command line

[43466:43466:0411/] Cloud management controller initialization aborted as CBCM is not enabled.
[43466:43466:0411/] Decrypt sync seed failure

No apparently relevant message in journal.

Hello @buzzwallard

could you start brave without hardware acceleration by starting brave from command line using this flag --disable-gpu

if you enabled sync then could you start brave while disable it also by this flag --disable-brave-sync

you can also try to use both flags

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying.

Neither solution fixes the problem.

you welcome could you start it using those 3 flags the 2 above and --disable-extensions

brave --disable-gpu --disable-extensions --disable-brave-sync

No change.

does brave work before or is this the first time you install brave?

I’ve been using Brave for a few years. It has been working on this machine.

One change: I gave Firefox a run because I needed a clean browser.

Thinking back I think that’s when the trouble started.

:thinking: as I can understand, the Brave browser crashes when starting…i have two theories: first: it seems to be a broken file. (you may have the hard drive corrupted with some bad sectors) so try to install it again, but let it be in a different position on the hard drive or partition it… second: if the Brave browser starts correctly, but when trying to search for something or open any page, the browser crashes abruptly, I recommend turning off Brave news…your welcome

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  • I moved ~/.config/BraveSoftware to a backup
  • started Brave without error
  • imported settings from the firefox.

Seems okay. When I have time I’ll copy a BraveSoftware directory from one of my other machines and see how that goes.


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