Brave crashes much to often

I have installed brave on my desktop and laptop, both with Win 10 1903, x64.
Kaspersky Internet Security (latest version) added an addin in brave but only on the desktop.

In these 2 days brave chrashed several times on both systems. All brave windows suddenly are just gone. No crash message, nothing.

I enabled send crash report.
Hope you can fix thaT soon.
Never had these problems with firefox or chrome.


@ChrisG Thanks for reaching out. When does brave crashes, do you have any specific steps?. Can you please provide the brave verison details? Is this happening only with specific brave version?


Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I think this happen several times when clicking at the bookmark bar, or using its context menu.

Hi, @ChrisG. Kaspersky is known to be problematic with Brave, so I’m betting it’s some kind of interaction between the two. That said, I know there are users who’ve gotten them to cooperate, @gsarvadnya @Mattches, so hopefully we can attract their attention. For the record, I use Brave Nightly in the same version of Windows 10 daily and don’t remember the last time it’s crashed (I don’t have Kaspersky and have several extensions installed, including LastPass, Extension Manager, DuckDuckGo, TabManagerPlus, ReaderView, Dark Night Mode, and some accessibility assessment extensions). I also have 66.101 Release installed and when I’ve used it I don’t recall it crashing.

Also, what is the extension you have installed in Brave?

It crashed again when clicking at an item of a submenu in the bookmark toolbar.
I disabled the Kaspersky Extension.
I have no other extensions installed.

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