Set behavior for torrent and magnet links (and other files types)

Hello all

I use another software than Brave to manage torrents, and I don’t see any way to stop Brave trying to download them itself instead of doing the right thing and starting the other software as do Chrome. I have seen absolutely no way to change this setting (or any setting about what to do with specific file extensions).

How can I change that?

The behavior in Chrome is:
I click on a link that send to a magnet link => the other software starts with the magnet link

Current behavior in Brave:
I click on a link that send to a magnet link => Brave send to the annoying page “Start torrenting something” => I click on “copy magnet link” => I start the other software => In the other software I click “add magnet link” => I paste the magnet link => I confirm

Same question for other file extensions, like mp3 for podcast (should download, NOT play), or pdf (should download, NOT display), or txt (guess what I want), or…

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Current implementation doesnt have an option to disable it. We have an issue logged for it to enable turning off WebTorrent in Brave. You can track the issue here

I’ve added a +1 on your behalf and will be closing this thread. Please open a new one for any other issue you come across