More "Dangerous Site Blocked"

I am unconvinced that Brave is not intentionally blocking conservative content. I can go to and pull up ANY picture, video, or article and there are no issues. Everything works. No problem. Works great!! Ok, so… same browser, same version - When I go to and click on any video, it goes blank and will not play or even show an image. Any link? Nope. But I get a bunch of “For your safety, Brave has blocked this site…” messages. Ok, let’s try… yup, click on an article, and I get the big bad warning about my safety. How about Wow - click on an article about Biden and bam - blocked. For my safety, of course. YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE. This is not an upgrade issue. This is squarely on YOU. And by choosing to make excuses about it, you are just lying to us. And, it’s interesting that this all happened after you adopted the Google UI and chromium codebase. The minute you announced that, I was 100% positive this was going to happen. Your “upgrade” is just another liberal lie. Thanks. And, BYE!

@quilltm which Brave version that you use?

If you’re using Brave 0.25.x, then it’s a known issue. But since this version is no longer supported, nothing that we can do about that.

You may want to upgrade your Brave to the latest release. I have no issue visiting sites above using Brave 0.61.x. More [Misleading Title] Brave now blocking conservative news sites


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