Does Brave block access to certain websites?

I just switched to Brave this week after being strictly a Firefox user for many years. So far so good. However, I was wondering if Brave limits access to certain websites? More specifically, I tried to open:

and neither was able to be opened. However, I tried on other browsers and was able to open them successfully. I tried to search if was down, and it doesn’t even show up in a Google search.

Any information would be greatly appreciated,

Hi @goat, Welcome to Community!
I’m able to open both of those sites with no problem.
Can you describe what happens when you go to those sites, does it load forever? Does the page 404?
Also, what are you Shield settings for those sites?

Hi Aaron,
Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. And thank you for the laugh regarding your handle, I needed a good laugh like that, and that is actually the first time that I have ever seen Aa-ron written out light that lol!

I wasn’t sure of the exact message I was getting at the time, it wasn’t 404, just a message stating that those two pages were unavailable. I tried to open them from another website that linked to them, as well as copying and pasting them onto new pages etc and always got the same message.

I tried to load them just now in order to get a more specific answer to your question, and now they both load?! So I guess that you can disregard this. I tried several ways to get them to load and refreshed constantly to no avail. It was only those 2 pages that I had difficulty with.

I haven’t changed in shield settings etc.

Sorry to bother you with this as it seems to be resolved. But I appreciate the effort in trying to help me. Thanks and have a good one, take care.

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Just checked both site, no issues here @goat

If you have an VPN, can you test those sites from another location (and in private window mode).

Thanks fanboyz,
I will definitely check my vpn settings and try other locations…hadn’t thought of that, thanks!

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