Brave freezing websites and sometimes cant open external links in apps

hello there,
my brave issues

  1. when I scroll through wrbsites sometimes brave “freezes” touching screen does not work anywhere on website, such as trying to comment or trying to scroll, only thing I can do in Brave is to re-enter adress, thats only place which keeps working.
  2. sometimes i clear data to try solve freezing issues or for other other reasons, and after Brave does not open external links in apps such as reddit links, I turned off “allow to open external link in brave” and still does not works sometimes. then I have to clear data again and it may start working and opening reddit links in reddit app.

brave version 1.57.53

my phone Samsung galaxy s10e

Software update G970USQU6IVH2
my phone software needs update to “software update 42” which I will be able to do later.

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