Brave://config/ not working


why not working brave://config/ ? Mayby is another link?

Thanks for reaching out to us.

What page are you trying to reach, exactly?

  • You can reach the settings page at brave://settings
  • You can reach the flags page at brave://flags
  • You can reach the components page at brave://components

about://config/ just like in chrome

That page goes nowhere in Brave or in Chrome:

So where can I find functions on this page like in chrome about://config/?

As far as I’m aware of, about:config is available for Firefox. While in Chrome and Brave, the similar page is brave:flags

You may look at here brave://about/ and maybe what you looking is, you’ll found it here.

Unfortunately, the most important tab for me is blocked about://config which is the first position in about://config

It actually doesn’t work on Firefox either – about://config takes you nowhere. However, about:config (in Firefox) will take you to what is essentially their “flags” page.

@vssvsdvs – it’s highly likely that brave://flags is the page that you’re looking for. It has experimental features/options that you can enable/disable in the browser that are not present in the standard browser UI:

I want to change to option:
network.http.max-connections SHOULD be 32

network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy SHOULD be 16

where can I change this?

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