Brave cannot establish WSS connection to server

Description of the issue:
Our web application uses feathers.js in backend service and frontend connects via secure web socket (WSS).
Everything is ok on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox) except Brave. On brave we get error of could not connect.

It happens occasionally and there were times restarting server had fixed the issue and also times that restarting even were not the solution.

As I said this issue is strange somehow since only happens on brave

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. It’s very hard to reproduce this issue. Our test service is hosted on domain and backend url is

Expected result:
Establishing connection without issue
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Lates always

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When you open the website, Click on that Lion icon near the right of the Search Bar and disable it.

It should work properly…

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We have done that, that’s not the solution


It’s log of another user

I notice just now and it can be a clue. Both users couldn’t connect to MetaMask RPC correctly at the same time.
I tried to simulate FeatherJS connection timeout by stoping the server, but I didn’t see MetaMask error in my simulation. Does it mean brave has applied some policy at the moment the issue happens?

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I don’t understand anything here sorry, I thought my previous method would work but it unfortunately didn’t work.

Wait for some Mods to come here

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I could reproduce in Chrome also, seems to be serverside

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Thanks for your response,
Whilst your first attempts to connect backend were unsuccessful (maybe connectivity issue), you had finally connected and seen the content (Cards in Communities section)

The issue for that I created this topic is different. While a user can connect by Chrome and Firefox, she/he cannot at all by Brave. Only Brave users had this problem and they had for long time.

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