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I am retired, and to keep myself a little more active - I post job ads on Kijiji. I had previously used Google Chrome. Since I have switched to Brave (which I am very pleased with), when I post ads to Kijiji… I am notified that the ad is active, then it is deleted. This has been happening for about 2 months. Today I had a live chat with Kijiji. They suggested that I use a different browser. On Google Chrome I have no problem posting the ads. What is wrong with the Brave browser that I can not post ads on Kijiji?

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Hi @rwhitese,

When you say deleted, are you getting notified that the ad is gone? Or is the ad there but you can’t see your ads?

Additionally – does the warning/ad appear and subsequently get deleted immediately or does it take some time? If so, how much time?

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I have not sat on the site and watched it disappear… but if it does not happen immediately, it happens very soon after. I have checked the Kijiji site within 5 minutes, and the ad has been deleted.

When I say deleted, the ad is gone. Not on Kijiji. After I place the ad, I am notified that the ad is on its site. But the ad is deleted quite quickly after, and I am not notified that it has been deleted. No, the ad is definetely not there. I had a live chat
with a person from Kijiji, and she said that there was an error message. She is the one that suggested that I change browsers. I did, and now the ads stay.

If you’re willing to, would you mind trying to post an ad on the site with Brave’s Shields down? I’m wondering if it’s an issue with our protection software or some deeper issue with the browser itself.


Hi. Did as you asked. I placed the ad with the Brave Shields down, and the ad was placed. I have checked over the last 24 hours, and the ad has not been deleted. So… that does fix the problem with the ads being deleted. Now, remembering to put the shields
back up…

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