Im Recieving ads on ios browser, however nothing in desktop browser (UK)

I’ve been using the browser for about a week now, i get ads when browsing on mobile, however nothing whilst browsing on my pc, any ideas?

Must have answer from admins but according to me the brave at computer need time to “understand” what kind of ads send to your pc.

ahh i see, could any admins confirm this?

This is true – can you tell me how long you’ve had adds enabled on your desktop?

About a week. However i use my desktop more than mobile so dont understand why they show on my phone and not on pc

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Have you looked through our troubleshooting guide to ensure that everything is configured correctly?

I Believe everything is configured correctly, focus assist is off, notifications from apps and sender on with brave toggled on, not sure if there is anything else it could be?

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