Can't uninstall Brave App or throw it in the trash

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**Description of the issue:**Brave just froze. I can’t quit the app but when I open a new window the tabs are there. I just can’t open them or even type in the search bar at the top. I can’t even turn off my computer because it says Brave is still open. I have tried to throw it in the trash from the dock at the bottom, from launchpad icon AND from the application folder.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3."I’ve tried doing this over and over and I can’t uninstall Brave. I thought I’d try and re install but I can’t even get an answer on how to fix this problem so I can re install the app.

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Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): iMac 27" 2017 5K, High Sierra 10.13.6. From what I can tell this is Brave V. I can’t find any other info on the Brave app since I can’t access Brave.


  1. Open your macOS Activity Monitor
  2. Find any Brave processes that are running and kill them using the monitor
  3. Navigate to your Applications folder and move the file to the trash
  4. Now navigate to ~\Library\"Application Support"\BraveSoftware and move this directory to the trash.

This should remove all traces of Brave on your machine. Let me know if this resolves your issue.

Okay. I pulled up activity monitor by spotlight (wasn’t sure where that was) and there are several columns (CPU/Memory/Energy/Disk?network) all have brave. Kill ? I found the x at the top and finally did a force quit. So I guess just finish going throw all the columns then finish your list? Then I can just reinstall a brand new Brave? Thanks.

Each column/category is simply showing different data for the same processes – selecting and ending all Brave processes in CPU “section” is the same as selecting all Brave processes in Memory.
Once processes are killed, and you’ve removed/trashed everything listed in the steps above – yes, you should be able to download and reinstall Brave.

Let me know what you find out.

There still is a Brave logo under the energy column that wouldn’t delete when I used the X. Don’t see anything anywhere else after I took it out of CPU.

That should be just fine. Now go and try to move any/all files Brave related into the trash before re-downloading/installing again.

Besides still showing up in the Energy columns…
I did go to the Applications folder and threw the Brave app in the Trash.

I think #4. I go to Finder and click on Go then hit option to Library/application…Brave software. Besides the huge file labeled Brave Software there is another folder above it label brave (lower case). Does that go as well. There is a lot in both folders and don’t want to delete something I shouldn’t.

Okay. I deleted both files in the #4 and then went to the website and downloaded a new brave app. so it looks like it’s working again.

BUT how do I delete the bar at the top with set websites? I imported it when Iwas going through the tutorial but I don’t want that one. I had different ones for Brave that I put up there. These are from the Safari browers

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Glad you got it working!
Are you referring to the bookmarks bar at the top?

If so, you can hide the bar by going to Settings --> Bookmarks --> Show Bookmarks bar (uncheck this) – you can also use the cmd + shift + B keyboard shortcut.

Yes. Because the tabs that are open are on the top now. So Yes,bookmark bar. Thanks.

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