Brave wallet showing incorrect coin value

My wallet shows no value to AVAX. Im worried to add another coin and get more trapped for moving around. I have talked to a few friends and they are having the issue so I know its not a isolated event but any help would nice for all us.


Not sure I follow. What do I do with that?

I am having the same issue. I have several AVAX but it shows the value to $0. This preventing me from trading my tokens or moving them where I need them to be. Brave needs to fix this because it is messing with our money and some people are really counting on that money to do something instead of being tied up with a bug in Brave’s system.

BRAVE, Could this issue be fixed ASAP please?

My value did appear early today but before I could get it moved the value went back to $0.

Can you please try removing the token (AVAX)from Visible assets, then re-adding it using the Add custom token screen and use Avalanche as the symbol name and see if this resolves the issue?

No luck. Also not sure if this helps but I can see the stock price chart in the wallet but for what ever reason the what I have and the chart don’t communicate.

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I cant remove the token AVAX. It does not have the option of removing the token. I have tried removing the network and re-add network with no change.

Thank you both – to be clear, the way to do this would be to:

  1. Visit your wallet page, click the Visible assets option
  2. Find the AVAX option here (if it appears) and uncheck the box next to it:
  3. Then click Add custom asset (at the top of the list seen in the image above) and specify Avalanche as the symbol name

Please re-confirm that this does not work for you and I will report this information back to the team for further review.

Could you try again with today’s just released hotfix (1.32.113)? You should be able to send but the value showing wrong as $0 might still be there.

Is your AVAX on Avalanche Mainnet? Or on Ethereum? Do you maybe need to add Avalanche network first from and then switch to that network?

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