Brave Browser Reward System CONSTANT Uphold Deposit Issue!

I have been using Brave Rewards with Uphold integration ever since it launched. I use Brave browser across multiple devices that I own and have been having issues with my account balance pretty much the whole time.

Most of the rewards I have collected over the year have not been deposited to my account. On month (June 2020) I received 4 payments from Brave Browsers. (seemed to be working) The remaining months I received 0 to max of 1 payout a month. I have been claiming my rewards and doing everything I can to deposit to Uphold. I contacted Uphold and they said it was issue with Brave. Why have I not received a large portion of my tokens??

Please reward me all the missing BAT that were supposed to be deposited to my Uphold account! Everything is totally messed up right now. I love the Brave team and all the work they’ve done on the browser but I’m so far very disappointed with the Rewards integration & constant bugs.

Please reach out to help me Brave Team!

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