Brave Rewards not getting deposit to uphold account

Hello ,

Brave Rewards are not getting deposit to my uphold account since 6 months.

In reward section of browser it is showing but getting credited to uphold account.

It seems they have some issues. I have same problem since November. Maybe they will fix it this month, as @steeven announced.


How difficult is it to transfer coins from one location to another? I have been waiting since JUNE.

I have also same issue. but no one listening. Thinking to switch browser

@steeven please check still issue is not resolved

The support team just dont answer i dont understand why

I am also facing the same issue

hello for 25 bat I tell you the two steps to follow to receive your overdue bat. I had not received my bat since January and after doing these two steps they finally sent them to me. If you are interested in private. un saludo

BATs are also not increasing and not uploaded to uphold for some reason.

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