Critical bug: Brave closes all tabs instead of one or just closes by itself

So, I have first noticed this around 3/15, the day 1.21.77 was released. Everything was working fine before then. I have noticed that at a random moment when I would click on something (usually a tab to close), the entire browser would just close. Today, it just went up and closed for no reason at all upon clicking on an Internet Archive file. No freeze. No warning.

Anyone else experiencing this very issue? I suspect that this is a very infuriating bug…

I’m having this same issue on Brave Nightly and on Brave Red. It’s become impossible to use anymore. It closes non-private and private pages with all tabs, but will restore only the non-private tabs if I click on the restore feature. If I’m watching a video, it just kicks out. Is there an update fix for the system I have or do I have to download a complete new system? What about all the bookmarks…do they have to be downloaded again? I really liked using Brave Nightly until it started acting up. That’s why I downloaded Brave Red. New It’s doing the same thing. Please help.

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